YCBK 373: There Was Definitely a Thumb on the Scale to Get Boys This Year [Transcript]
YCBK 375: Miami University cuts programs Amid Financial Challenges

YCBK 374: Test scores plummet in their importance of factors that determine who is admitted


  • Mark explains what you can learn about admissions about standardized test scores from the most recent State of College admissions NACAC admissions survey for 2023
  • What you need to know about AI, an interview with AI expert, Chris Chilbert-Part 2 of 2

Chris Chilbert-Interview. Preview of Part 2:

  • Chris gives us his recommendations for books and articles to read on AI
  • Chris tells us what he foresees in the future for AI for the next 5-10 years
  • Chris shares the skill sets he looks for when he hires someone in AI
  • Chris shares the last thing he wants to share with us about AI that we haven’t discussed.
  • Mark asks Chris if there are any colleges that he feels prepare people well for an AI career.
  • Chris goes on the hot seat and he drops some real pearls of wisdom


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