University of Dayton (OH)
YCBK 379: Dartmouth College: An interview with Admission Dean, Lee Coffin-Part 2

YCBK 378: 3 reasons why test scores are important to admission officers

Introduction :

  • Mark shares something personal that is exhilarating and something personal that is excruciating with the listeners
  • Mark shares three reasons why test scores are important to colleges
  • How parents can prepare their students for the drastic change from high school to college, an interview with Dr. Andrea Brenner, author of How to College 2 of 4

Dr. Andrea Brenner Interview – Preview of Part 2:

  • Dr. Brenner tells us what, “little failures” are, and why they are so important
  • Dr. Brenner shares what AP courses are good for but she also shares what AP test are not
  • Dr. Brenner talks about something that is very important for students to learn by the 10th grade, now that is a tease
  • Dr. Brenner teaches us what the stress distress model is, and how this can really help a student with their mental health
  • Dr. Brenner talks about how covid has impacted this generations college readiness


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