YCBK 392: Why do some colleges love Early Decision and other would never offer it [Transcript]
YCBK 393: Cyber security jobs are booming, what you need to know!

YCBK 392: Why do some colleges love Early Decision and other would never offer it

Introduction :

  • Mark shares some insights on the FAFSA because the new Simplified FAFSA is now live
  • Mark discusses, which colleges offer Early Decision and why do they offer it.
  • Lynda interviews Soup Campbell, Head of Marketing and Brand at Zeemee-Part 3 of 4

Soup Campbell Interview : Part 3 of 4

  • Lynda asks Soup if Zeemee is used by colleges as a demonstrated interest test.
  • Soup lets us know if students join one Zeemee community or more than one
  • What metrics can colleges get on students who use the Zeemee community?
  • Soup explains how bulk messaging works on Zeemee
  • Soup talks about how chat channels support students with affinity groups.
  • Soup talks about whether Zeemee is available to students outside of the US
  • Soup answers if international universities are on Zeemee
  • Soup talks about the types of students on Zeemee
  • Soup talks about the top 10 schools for engagement.
  • Soup talks about the live events colleges host.

Mark’s recommended resource of the week : Recommended Resources for AI by Chris Chilbert


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