YCBK 393: Cyber security jobs are booming, what you need to know!
YCBK 395: Do very selective colleges require a student to take 4 years of foreign language

YCBK 394: How do colleges make admissions decisions


  • Mark makes a request to listeners in the Greater LA area
  • Mark and Susan just talk about college admissions. They start out talking about how colleges make admission decisions and move on to other topics.
  • Lynda interviews Soup Campbell, Head of Marketing and Brand at Zeemee-Part 4 of 4

Soup Campbell Interview-Part 4 of 4:

  • Soup talks about the amazing brand partnerships Zeemee has
  • Soup explains what the virtual backpack is
  • Soup explains why Ed Sharon exclusively uses Zeemee
  • Soup talks about a company could help a student get amazing things for their dorm without sending them activities
  • Soup talks about other new things that are on the horizon for Zeemee
  • Soup talks about dark mode themes.
  • Soup talks about whether Zeemee will have a desktop version.
  • Soup talks about the similarities between Zeemee and Discord
  • Soup talks about whether he could see Zeemee for alumni or for job searches.
  • Soup talks about the really cool things colleges are doing to help with student orientation and he mentions several other key areas of the student experience colleges are experimenting with.
  • Soup gives his advice for students, parents and college counselors.


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