YCBK 403: College Spotlight, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Part 2 of 2
YCBK 403: College Spotlight, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Part 2 of 2 [Transcript]

YCBK 404: How is AI impacting admissions & Thoughts on Dartmouth requiring test scores

Introduction :

  • Mark and Julia discuss Dartmouth’s decision to be the first IVY league school to require test scores.
  • Mark has a recommended resource in a Monday episode in the middle of the interview; it is the “Dream School” documentary by PBS and you can watch the 56 minute documentary free on You Tube
  • Mark interviews Andy Borst, the VP of enrollment at the University of Georgia on the topic of, How colleges use AI in college admissions, separating truth from myths.

Andy Borst Interview – Preview Part 1:

  • Andy shares his background.
  • Andy talks about an article that ran in Inside Higher Ed on AI and college admissions, entitled, “Admissions offices turn to AI for application review” that he spoke out vociferously about on social media, Andy recounts what the article says, and why he disagreed with the content of that article.
  • Andy talks about very specific ways he feels AI can be used more effectively but he says no one is doing this yet.
  • Andy talks about the risks involved in using AI detectors to screen essays.
  • Andy talks about how he feels AI can be effectively used by students.
  • I share a story from this year about my experience with AI essay detector.
  • Andy and I talk about the use of AI when it comes to administrative efficiency.
  • Andy tells us what linear and logistical regression is and how it differs from AI
  • Andy discusses predictive modelling, and he shares the three best predictors of student enrollment.
  • Andy talks about one aspect of AI that Andy is excited about and UGA is currently exploring, but he acknowledges they are not there yet
  • Andy explains why a 3.98 GPA is absolutely meaningless and he made me laugh so hard I couldn’t stop
  • Andy talks about colleges doing more testing to see how a GPA in high school projects a GPA in college
  • Andy talks about the FAFSA delays and how UGA is handling it


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