YCBK 411: Tips to Get the Most out of a College Fair [Transcript]
YCBK 411: Tips to Get the Most out of a College Fair

YCBK 410: 6 Questions To Ask To Help you Compare the Colleges That Admitted You

In this week’s episode you will hear


  • Susan and Mark answer a Speakpipe question that asks for advice when your student is selecting a college and he/she has two or more quality options, and they are really torn
  • Mark interviews Andy Stickler on the topic of, Understanding Connecticut College, Part 1 of 3

Q&A : Sign up for our Q & A session with Andy Strickler (VP of enrollment at Rhodes College) on March 3rd, 9:30 EST and 6:30 PST by going to Events. Here are the remaining two dates for the ScholarMatch information sessions:

Here is a link to the ScholarMatch volunteer form: Volunteer Contact Form (airtable.com)


You can also send in questions for our interviews by using speakpipe.com/YCBK. Our interviews are confirmed for 2024 with the following leaders at the following schools:

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Follow Mark Stucker on Twitter to get breaking college admission news, and updates about the podcast before they go live. You can ask questions on Twitter that he will answer on the podcast. Mark will also share additional hot topics in the news and breaking news on this Twitter feed. Twitter message is also the preferred way to ask questions for our podcast: https://twitter.com/YCBKpodcast

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