YCBK 414: Your Biggest Bruises Often Become Your Biggest Blessings
YCBK 414: Your Biggest Bruises Often Become Your Biggest Blessings [Transcript]

YCBK 415: What Does My Student Do if He Gets in His ED School and is Having Regrets

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (2:15): Julia and Mark planned to talk about an article that ran in Bowdoin Orient, their student newspaper entitled: “Dean of Admissions Claudia Marroquin on the decline of male applicants to Bowdoin” but they don’t get to the article until next week but they do discuss some application tips. Part 2 of 3

Dean of Admissions Claudia Marroquin on the decline of male applicants to Bowdoin – The Bowdoin Orient (Length 23 minutes)

This week’s question (25:55): Question from a listener – Do you have any tips for my son who was admitted ED but now he is seeing all of his classmates get in schools in EA and RD and he is questioning his decision to apply ED. (Length 13 minutes)

This week’s interview (38:52): Lydia Dagenais, a former admission officer at Haverford College and Swarthmore College is joined by Julia Esquivel, a co-host for YCBK but also a former Haverford College admission officer to discuss Haverford and Swarthmore. Preview:

  • Julia, so what do you want our listeners to know about Lydia that she didn’t share?
  • Julia, explain the bi-co and tri-co consortium in case our listeners are not familiar with it (Length 27 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (52:52): 2024 Private College Viability App for Students & Families

ScholarMatch and here are the dates for ScholarMatch information sessions:

Here is a link to the ScholarMatch volunteer form: Volunteer Contact Form (airtable.com)

College Spotlight (1:05:12): Mark and Lisa talk about Marquette University in our College Spotlight section, Part 2 of 2


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