YCBK 415: What Does My Student Do if He Gets in His ED School and is Having Regrets [Transcript]
YCBK 416: What 16 Colleges are Doing To Get More Rural & Small Town Students [Transcript]

YCBK 416: What 16 Colleges are Doing To Get More Rural & Small Town Students


  • Mark gives a recap of the first ever YCBK Meet & Greet that occurred in Durham, NC on 3/23
  • Julia has returned to admission file reading after 8 years and she shares how things have changed and what she has learned
  • Lynda interviews Marjorie Betley, the Senior Associate Director of Admission at the University of Chicago, and the Executive Director of Admissions at the STARS College Network, and they discuss the STARS College Network for the next three Mondays. STARS is an acronym for Small Towns and Rural Student

Marjorie Betley-The STARS Network – Preview-Part 1:

  • Marjorie gives her backstory. Deputy Director of Admissions at University of Chicago
  • Marjorie statistics of rural students at U Chicago
  • Marjorie explains what shares the history of the STARS (Small Town and Rural Students) College Netwok is
  • Marjorie explains what the Emerging World Leaders Program Is
  • Marjorie gives an overview of the Small Town and Rural Students Network and she shares the mission of the Network
  • Marjorie talks about the importance of diversity on a college campus


Q&A : Sign up for our Q & A session with Andy Strickler (Dean of Admissions of Connecticut College) on Thursday, April 3rd, 8:30 EST, 7:30 CST, 6:30 MST and 5:30 PST by going to Events. Here is the ScholarMatch remaining information sessions:

Here is a link to the ScholarMatch volunteer form: Volunteer Contact Form (airtable.com)


You can also send in questions for our interviews by using speakpipe.com/YCBK. Our interviews are confirmed for 2024 with the following leaders at the following schools:

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