YCBK15: Using Cost Calculators to Ensure You Can Afford the Colleges on Your Kid’s List

In this week's episode...

In the News (2:00): We’ll discuss an article that talks about a creative strategy that some college applicants are using to increase their chances of acceptance.

In this week's book discussion (11:23): of Chapter 15 of 171 Answers: to the Most-Asked College Admissions Questions we discuss how you can know if a school is affordable before you add it to your college list.

171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions
In chapter 14 we let you know that you can know if a school is affordable before you put it on your college list but we never showed you how you can know this in advance. We share specific websites that can help you with this evaluation. Mounting student debt is an epidemic that is inhibiting students from being able to make certain basic lifestyle decisions and we don't want that to happen to you or your child. (Length 9:15)

This week's question (20:38) is from a mom who wants to know if she should not bother to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if she is not going to qualify for any financial aid.

Mark answers this question in a way that is probably going to surprise a lot of our listeners. (Length 6:53)

Get ready for Part 2 of Mark’s interview with Howard Rittenhouse (27:31) an Academy Admissions Partner for the Coast Guard Academy. Howard discusses how attending the Academy can allow your kid to go to college for free, get paid to go, and graduate with a guaranteed quality job.

Howard Rittenhouse
Howard Rittenhouse talks about how Coast Guard Academy graduates have a guaranteed job after they graduate. He shares what steps cadets can take to get their graduate education paid for by the Coast Guard Academy. Howard talks about the prep school opportunity that exists for students that are not quite academically ready for the CGA. Howard shares what the challenges are for the cadets at the Coast Guard Academy. Howard talks about why it is rare for a cadet to ever go to combat. He talks about what a student should do now to increase their chance of being admitted (https://www.uscga.edu/). Howard's interview is a two part interview that is on episode 14 and 15. Go to 31:41 (16 minutes long).


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