Interview 8: Ron Smith on “What is the Bison STEM Scholars Program at Howard University?”


Ron Smith, Director of the Bison Stem scholar of Howard University discusses the Bison Stem Scholars program in this interview.

Ron Smith
Ron talks about scholarship weekend. He talks about the timeline of the application process. Mr. Smith shares his advice for a middle school student or their parents who want to know what they should be doing now in order to be a competitive applicant for the Bison STEM Scholars program. Ron goes over the the benefits of the Bison STEM Scholars program and he includes components such as mentoring, research and overseas experience. He debunks the myth that this is a scholarship program. Mr. Smith also shows how the Bison STEM Scholars program is patterned after the famous Meyerhoff program at UMBC. ( (Length 20:45)

You can also listen on Episode 21