YCBK20: How to Get to Know Colleges if You Don’t Have Time or Money to Visit
Interview 8: Ron Smith on "What is the Bison STEM Scholars Program at Howard University?"

Interview 7: Margarita Martinez on “How students can improve their writing skills”


Margarita is the founder of Martinez Editing. She also partners with Mark to do all of the grammar, spelling and syntax edits for Mark’s clients.

Margarita Martinez
Margarita shares the origins of her passion for writing. Margarita talks about the correlation between reading and writing. She talks about the most common mistakes she observes in her student’s writing. She discusses how a student can improve his/her writing. She shares how easy it is for her to tell when a parent or other adult has been overly involved in writing or editing a students essay. Margarita talks about the different ways a student can do multiple drafts and the importance of these revisions. Margarita talks about how important writing is to career success. She discusses the services she provides for students and authors. (Length 21:16).

You can also listen on Episode 20

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