YCBK 115: How COVID-19 has Changed Plans for Prospective Students [Transcript]
Interview 48: Taylor King on "Understanding Regional Public Universities"

YCBK 116: Financial Hits Pile Up for Colleges due to COVID-19

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (14:03) : In this week’s news segment, an article from APNews.com, “Financial Hits Pile Up for Colleges as Some Fight to Survive”, by Collin Binkley and Jeff Amy. COVID-19 has triggered a financial crises for institutions as they refund families for fees related to housing and dining; take major losses from athletic ticket sales; all while facing an uncertain fall semester threatened by lower enrollment and faculty cuts.


Mark and Dave have a spirited 15-minute discussion after the news article about whether we expect college to open in the fall? They state they are only sharing their opinions here but we believe our listeners will find it to be interesting and helpful.(Length 34:38)

Chapter 116 of 171 Answers (47:41) : We are in Chapter 116 of 171 Answers and Mark explains need-based aid and how it is calculated.

171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions
We touch on Federal, state and institutional need-based aid. This is the first of two weeks in a row where we will be discussing need-based aid. We also talk about why it is so hard for families to get enough need-based aid to make college affordable. (Length 20:26)

This week’s question (1:08:07) This week’s question is from Kim in NYC and she wants to know how to determine the financial health of a private college.

Mark goes into a fair amount of depth as he shares about eight sources where you can get this information. This is one you will either want to listen to twice or you will want to take notes. So many colleges are in a precarious financial state and you don’t want to enroll in one that closes or has so many program cuts and faculty layoffs that your education quality is jeopardized. This segment will help you to assess the financial health of a college. (Length 31:48)

This week’s interview (1:39:55) Mark continues his interview with Taylor King, Assistant Director of Admissions at Columbus State in Who Makes a Good Match for a Regional Public University, Part III.

Taylor King
(Length 20 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:48:05) Mark’s has two recommended resources this week: A panel discussion with three admissions officers on how Covid-19 will impact testing and admissions. Here is the sign up sheet:


Secondly, our second recommended resource is the Strivecan college fair. This four-day fair and workshops will be attended by over 300 colleges in 40 states and 10 countries. The workshops cover such a wide range of topics. The target group is sophomores and juniors: https://www.strivescan.com/virtual/

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