Interview 48: Taylor King on “Understanding Regional Public Universities”


Cost is a major concern for most families for college in this covid-19 world and Regional public universities really excel here. Taylor, shares his background and how he got into admissions. Taylor answers the question, “What is a Regional Public University and who is a good match for a Regional Public”.

Taylor King
Taylor explains why graduation rate data is often flawed leading the public to use graduation statistics inappropriately. Taylor give a brief overview of Columbus State, Taylor, tell us about the city of Columbus, GA. Taylor shares what are the top programs at Columbus State. Taylor shares how affordable Columbus State is and he talks about how out of state students can get in state tuition through their merit scholarship program.Taylor, talk about the application process, what factors they use to determine who they admit and what qualifications does a student need in order to get in? (Length 47:07)

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