Interview 53: Lisa Przekop on “Advice for Foster Care Students”


My interview for today is with Lisa Przekop, the Director of Admissions at the University of California-Santa Barbara, an admission office she has worked at for over 35 years. Lisa gives her interesting backstory. I introduce our topic of the day: “Advice for Foster Youth in the admissions process and once they enroll”.

Lisa Przekop
Lisa gives a definition of what a Foster Youth is. Lisa explains to us why so few Foster students go to college. Lisa explains why she cares so much about Foster care students. Lisa shares with us why the graduation rate is so low for Foster students. Lisa talks about how Imposter Syndrome is a major problem with Foster Youth. I ask Lisa how can a parent or student know if a college is, “Foster care friendly.” Lisa talks about how UCSB started its Foster Care program. We learn how to find out if a school has a foster care program. Finally, Lisa helps us to understand Foster youth so much more. (29:51)

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