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Interview 57: Sam Prouty on “Debunking Stereotypes about colleges located in more remote locations”


Sam Prouty

Sam opens by telling us his very interesting backstory. He talks about being a college counselor as well as being an admission officer. Sam shares the four biggest stereotypes students and parents have about colleges that are located in more remote locations.

Sam talks about the myth that I won’t get a job if I attend a rural college. Sam talks about the myth that remote schools are not a good place for students interested in Stem. Sam encourages students to go beyond talking just to the admissions officers. Sam and Mark discuss the myth that there is nothing to do at a more remote college. Sam tackles another stereotype: the myth that there is no diversity at a school with a more remote location. Mark asks Sam his thoughts about a few of his theories on the advantages of more remote locations and Sam responds with sentient insights with examples. Sam talks about when college visits are most helpful. (Length 39:08)

You can also listen on Episode 138 and Episode 139

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