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Interview 59: William Segura on “Understanding CBE”


William Segura

Will gives his background. Next, Will tells us what roles he has in the admission office Will tells us what a Pre-Reader does to help Admission Officers. Mark shares his experience sitting in the Emory admission file reading process. Will talks about his experience with Jeffrey Selingo. Will talks about how admissions files were read at Emory from 2011-2012. Will shares the second method Emory used to read files which they used from 2012-15.

Then Will talks about the pros and cons of these approaches. Will explains how files have been read from 2015 forward, now that Emory uses Committee-Based Evaluation, also known as CBE. Will tells us what the Pilot and the Co-pilot do under CBE. Will tells us what CBE is . Will explains why committees meet by Regions of the country. Will talks about how they ensure in committee that they are bringing in a balanced class. Will transitions and talks about all of the advantages of CBE and the reasons why Emory uses it. I ask Will about the drawbacks I have heard about CBE and he gives me a candid answer. (Length 45:37)

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