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Bucknell University (PA)

Interview 78: Lisa Keegan on “Bucknell University”

Lisa Keegan

Lisa kicks off our interview by giving an overview of who Bucknell is and what makes Bucknell special

  • What are their most distinctive programs, both those that are well-known as well as those that fall under the radar
  • The range of offerings that Bucknell provides
  • Double majoring at Bucknell
  • Bucknell’s reputation, where is it stellar and where can it be improved
  • Lisa describes what Bucknell’s personality is?
  • Who Bucknell’s cross-apps are, these are the schools that students also apply to when they apply to Bucknell
  • How demonstrated interest is factored into admissions decisions
  • Are students admitted into specific colleges or into Bucknell as a whole?
  • How is Bucknell different than Elon, a school where she spent over 20 years.
  • How the ability to pay factors into admission decisions at Bucknell
  • What are the rich traditions that Bucknell has?
  • Lisa goes on the hot seat.

Friends if you appreciate this interview, please send Lisa a short email at Lak032@bucknell.edu to express your appreciation.

You can also listen on Episode 193

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