YCBK 249: College admissions, who knows what? [Transcript]
YCBK 251: Why Dartmouth dropped 5 varsity sports

YCBK 250: Tom Becker: Understanding the University of Pittsburgh

In this week’s episode you will hear

Introduction: It is our big 250th episode!!!! We have six announcements and then an interview with Tom Becker, the Associate Director at the University of Pittsburgh. Susan Tree joins Mark for this interview. Part 1

  • Tom gives his backstory
  • Tom shares why he has stayed in admissions
  • Tom shares, “Who is Pitt and Why should a student consider attending Pitt”
  • What aspects of the mission statement should students really pay attention to in order to get a better understanding of Pitt
  • How does the fact that Pitt was a private institution before 1960 impact Pitt
  • Does the state legislature mandate that Pitt take a certain percentage of students from PA
  • Tom shares some of Pitts outstanding academic programs that fly under the radar

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