Interview 117: Nick Gozik on "Why students should study abroad"
YCBK 271: 10 Things to know if you want to major in business

YCBK 270: Dr. Martha Saunders, President of UWF, Miscellaneous Topics 2/2

In this week’s episode you will hear

Introduction: Mark answers two questions he has been asked 12-15 times in the month of October. Mark does a Preview of the content of his interview with Dr. Martha Saunders-Part 2/2

Preview Part 2

  • Saunders shares a time she had to sunset or get rid of some programs that had to go; she talks about how the college responded to that and she talked about the best way to implement this without too much chaos
  • Saunders talks about her seven kids, all of whom are college grads. She shares some lessons she learned from her own seven kids and their college journey
  • Saunders gives her advice to our parents about selecting a college
  • Saunders talks about how to evaluate if a college is good at crisis communication. This is an area she is regarded as a national expert

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