Interview 117: Nick Gozik on “Why students should study abroad”

  • Lisa shares Nick’s impressive background
  • Dr. Gozik addresses the following topics:
  • Advice on how to make decisions at each stage of your career
  • Why he believes students should go abroad
  • What to do if you are unable to go abroad
  • Lisa shares an experience when she stepped out of her comfort zone and went abroad
  • What he means by “high impact practices”
  • The history of US students going abroad
  • Some of the challenges that can go wrong when you go abroad.
  • Nick talks about his new book that he has coming out called, “A House where we all Belong: Redesigning Education Abroad for Inclusive Excellence”
Nick Gozik
  • How to evaluate the quality of a study abroad program
  • The 52 point plan at Elon for study abroad
  • The relationship between research and study abroad
  • The Georgetown Consortium project
  • The distinctives of Elon and why Elon is exciting
  • Nick gives his best advice for students
  • Nick goes on the hot seat

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