Interview 115: Jon Boeckenstedt on "Ethical vs Unethical Admissions"
Interview 117: Nick Gozik on "Why students should study abroad"

Interview 116: Jon Boeckenstedt on “Miscellaneous Topics”

Jon Boeckenstedt
  • Jon explains what Higher Ed Data Stories are and how they work
  • Jon explains what his favorite article ever for Higher Ed Data stories was
  • Jon covers the difference between data and Insights
  • Jon talks about test scores, where does he see them going?
  • Jon talks about the importance of California
  • Jon gives his opinion on whether it is ethical for a college admission officer to tell a student that they are admissible if they will withhold their test score
  • Jon talks about what he would like to see changed in admissions
  • Jon talks about what he thinks about using Student Search as the starting point for colleges when they recruit students
  • Jon talks about the debate between whether colleges should focus on providing more access to students versus, increasing their selectivity

You can also listen on Episode 263 and Episode 265

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