Interview 114: Heath Einstein on "Understanding TCU"
Interview 116: Jon Boeckenstedt on "Miscellaneous Topics"

Interview 115: Jon Boeckenstedt on “Ethical vs Unethical Admissions”

Jon Boeckenstedt
  • Jon shares his very interesting backstory
  • Jon tells us what Draw rate is and why it is so important
  • Jon explains what he means by, “we all serve two masters”
  • Jon rates a number of admission business practices from 0-100 on whether they cross a line of impropriety
  • Jon rates, “targeting students in your recruitment that are outside the profile of who you normally admit”.
  • Jon explains what he means by “grist for the rejection mill” and the “admissions industrial complex”.
  • Jon rates using demonstrated interest and gives it a score, but he has some caveats.
  • Jon rates taking a large number of students through Early Decision.
  • Jon shares when ED feels appropriate and when it isn’t
  • Jon talks about using Early Action as a tool to flip students to commit Early Decision
  • Jon talks about learning from how a college treats you in the application process
  • Jon comments on his perspective on the propriety or impropriety of saying that a college meets 100% of need
  • Jon also comments on whether any college is really need-blind.
  • Jon talks why he likes the term “FAFSA-blind” better than “need-blind”.
  • Jon talks about what he means by saying graduation rates are more input than output data
  • Jon tells us a responsible way to use graduation rate as a statistical metric
  • Jon tells us why IPEDS is such a great source of data

You can also listen on Episode 259 and Episode 261

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