Interview 113: Darrell Edmonds on "Why I came back to the University of Delaware"
Interview 115: Jon Boeckenstedt on "Ethical vs Unethical Admissions"

Interview 114: Heath Einstein on “Understanding TCU”

Heath Einstein
  • Mark and Julia both interview Heath
  • Heath gives his backstory
  • Heath answers the following questions:
  • “Who is TCU”; How does the mission at TCU impact the educational experience?
  • Why should students consider TCU if they don’t identify as Christian?
  • The mascot at TCU is a “horn Frog”; what is a Horn Frog?
  • TCU is known for its School spirit, the Horned Frogs; where does this come from, and how does it impact the student experience?
  • TCU is also known for friendly people and a strong sense of community; where does this come from, and what does this look like?
  • Describe the TCU campus.
  • Tell us about your core curriculum and how it impacts a TCU education.
  • How does Greek life impact the TCU experience and culture?
  • Is TCU a conservative college?
  • What can you say about Career services and your Honors college
  • Comment on some of TCU’s strongest programs: Business, Communications, Nursing, Pre-Med, Biology, and Health Sciences
  • Fine arts, Dance, and Theater and Other strong programs?
  • Do you admit by college or by major, and which programs are the hardest to get into?
  • What is the Freedom of Expression, and how does that impact ad missions decisions
  • What are some of the institutional priorities of TCU?
  • Heath goes on the hot seat in our lightning round and you have to hear what he says about Albert Einstein!

You can also listen on Episode 253, Episode 255 and Episode 257

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