Interview 112: Matt Ward on "Understanding Cal Lutheran University"
Interview 114: Heath Einstein on "Understanding TCU"

Interview 113: Darrell Edmonds on “Why I came back to the University of Delaware”

Darrell Edmonds
  • Darrell shares his backstory, how he went from ministry, to music to mentoring to the admission office at the University of Delaware
  • Darrell explains why he came back to the University of Delaware
  • Darrell starts to explain some of the things that Delaware offers now that have him excited that weren’t there when he was a student
  • Darrell gets into the things that are new at Delaware
  • Darrell gives the in-state and out of state stats for UD
  • Darrell listened to the College Spotlight twice that Mark did on The University of Delaware; he adds some additional things that are new at UD that Mark did not cover in the College Spotlight on UD
  • Darrell talks about the STARZ campus and other campuses that Delaware offers
  • Darrell talks about the new athletic center
  • Darrell talks about the merit scholarships for out-of-state students; he shares what is good about them and what some people won’t like about them
  • Darrell goes on the hot seat

You can also listen on Episode 260 and Episode 262

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