Interview 112: Matt Ward on “Understanding Cal Lutheran University”

  • Vince Garcia interviews Matt Ward, the VP of Enrollment at Cal Lutheran on the topic of “Understanding Cal Lutheran”
  • Matt gives his backstory
  • He explains the various roles he has at CLU
  • CLU’s location in Thousand Oaks
  • The history of CLU
  • The major changes that have occurred over the last 17 years
  • Vince shares what his niece’s experience was like as a Cal Lutheran student
  • What the most popular majors at CLU
  • What Lutheran institutions are known for
  • Why housing at CLU is so attractive to so many students
  • Vince explains how he felt at a queer person while he was on the campus at CLU
  • What Cal Lutheran’s price promise is about how Cal Lutheran’s Price program has improved CLU’s diversity
  • The athletic conference CLU competes in
  • The outstanding “Four to Finish” program that CLU offers to its students
  • The diversity at CLU and how it has changed in the last 15 years
Matt Ward
  • The challenges CLU faced when they had to respond to both a school shooting and area-wide fires
  • The professional sports teams that use CLU for their training; the internship opportunities that this opens up
  • Matt shares how the Sports Management program is really taking off at CLU
  • Vince puts Matt on the hot seat in our lightning round
  • Matt shares some opportunities that are going to be available as Higher Ed continues to get disrupted

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