How to prepare for college visitsHow to Prepare for a College Visit
YCBK 275: Higher Ed is freaking out that affirmative action may end

YCBK 274: Arlene Cash, wisdom from 5 decades as an admissions leader

In this week’s episode you will hear

Introduction: Mark reveals one more must-have reference book and he takes a look at where are we with Student Loan forgiveness in light of the announcement on November 10th. Mark does a Preview of the content of his interview with Arlene Cash. Part 1 :

  • Arlene gives her illustrious background at 11 different institutions of Higher Ed from the east to the south to the west
  • Arlene shares the highlights of her career
  • Arlene shares what she is doing at the Character Collaborative
  • Arlene shares what students and parents are overlooking when it comes to picking a college
  • Arlene answers the question, how can someone break through the noise to figure out if a school is character or personality match
  • Arlene answers the question, how important is the financial health of the school
  • Arlene says something very surprising about strategic plans
  • Arlene gives her advice about each school’s IR page.

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