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YCBK 299: Armed by A.I Chatbots, Universities start revamping how they teach

YCBK 298: Mitch Warren Interview: Understanding Purdue-Part 2 of 3


Mark shares a half dozen Higher Ed updates. Lynda answers the Speakpipe question, How to evaluate what engineering programs are a good match for your kid. Mark interviews Mitch Warren, Associate Vice Provost and Director of Admissions at Purdue University. Title: Understanding Purdue, 2 of 3

Preview Part 2:

  • Mitch explains whether you can transfer to Purdue’s most competitive programs
  • Mitch talks about some of the exceptionally strong programs Purdue has that often fly under the radar
  • Mitch answers a few questions about “impacted majors”
  • Mitch talks about the importance of applying Early Action
  • Mitch explains what “Exploratory studies” is
  • Mitch talks about the “First-year engineering program”
  • Mitch answers the question, can a student do an internal transfer from one major to another at the main campus?
  • Mitch tells us about West Lafayette as a city
  • Mitch answers a question a listener sent in about co-ops?


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