YCBK 296: Mitch Warren Interview: Understanding Purdue-Part 1 of 3
YCBK 298: Mitch Warren Interview: Understanding Purdue-Part 2 of 3

YCBK 297: No engagement no acceptance at Tulane University

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (12:38): Dave and Mark discuss an article in the Tulane University admission blog by the Director of Admission Engagement, Owen Knight. The article was written on Sept 16, 2022 and it is entitled, “What’s the Deal with engagement”. Mark and Dave discuss what engagement is and they discuss how important is engagement at Tulane and other universities. (Length 38 minutes)

This week’s question (50:36): Lisa and Mark discuss a question that asks, how am I supposed to know which colleges we should visit on my student’s college list?

Mark shares three tips and Lisa chimes in with a great fourth tip. (Length 13 minutes)
This week’s interview (1:03:10): We continue our 3-part interview with Dr. Kelly Holloway, the Director of Admissions at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Topic: Understanding Mercer University (Part 2 of 3). Preview: (1) Holloway shares what are regarded as the strongest majors at Mercer, (2) Kelly explains one prestigious award that more Mercer students have won than any other school in the entire country, (3) Kelly answers the question, “why have so few people heard of Mercer nationally”, (4) Kelly describes Mercer’s Division 1 athletics and what their experience is,

Kelly Holloway
(5) Kelly talks about the special relationship between Mercer’s undergrad and the opportunity to get admitted into Mercer’s professional programs like Med school, Physician assistant, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Counseling, Business, Education, (6) Kelly explains how their accelerated programs work and how they different types of accelerated programs, (7) Kelly talks about how they evaluate an applicant, (8) Kelly talks about what the student, (9) Kelly talks about how they look at GPA and how they recalculate a GPA, (10) Holloway, explains why they look at AP or IB differently then dual enrollment (Length 24 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:14:10): The recommended resource is YouTube video called, “Behind the Curtain” that gives a great 1 hour overview of the Claremont Colleges. It aired in 2022.

College Spotlight (1:27:10): Mark and Lynda Doepker discuss Pitzer College for the College Spotlight


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