YCBK 301: 10 College Application Mistakes to Avoid-Part 1 of 2 [Transcript]
YCBK 303: 10 College Application Mistakes to Avoid-Part 2 of 2

YCBK 302: Kirby Mcilyar Interview-How to choose a major and a career-1 of 3

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News Introduction :

  • Mark shares highlights and lowlights of the 300 episodes of YCBK
  • Lisa answers the Speakpipe question, What is the enrollment cliff? Tressa
  • Mark interviews Kirby MciIlyar, an expert on helping students and adults find their best majors and career matches

Preview Part 1 :

  • Kirby shares her background, and she shares how she got involved in helping students figure out how to know what their best major is
  • Kirby shares how she does both career counseling and personal counseling. Kirby shares her website, kirbycounseling.com
  • Kirby shares the first step that a student should take when they are trying to select a major
  • Kirby has some great suggestions on how students can build a relationship with a professor in an area they are interested in. She shares how helpful this can be in selecting a major
  • Kirby shares another creative idea for discerning if a major is a good fit for you


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