YCBK 304: Kirby Mcilyar Interview-How to choose a major and a career-2 of 3

Introduction :

  • Mark shares four Higher Ed updates
  • Susan answers the Speakpipe question, Why does the College Board have so many fees? Cortnie
  • Mark interviews Kirby MciIlyar, an expert on helping students and adults find their best majors and career matches-Part 2 of 3

Preview Part 2:

  • Kirby shares how smaller schools can be different from larger schools
  • Kirby shares what not to do but her advice is different depending on the school size
  • Kirby explains what an IUT is
  • Kirby explains how the bureaucracy can impact your college major
  • Kirby explains how there are some good card sorts to help with interest inventories.
  • Kirby explains what makes Highland testing special.
  • Kirby differentiates Values from SKILLS from Goals from Ability testing.
  • Kirby and Lisa both share some great stories about people who pursued a career that was not values aligned or interest aligned


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