YCBK 320: What are the 35 next hardest colleges to get into, plus MEFA Interview, 3 of 3 [Transcript]
YCBK 321: The Role of Politics in Where Students Want to Go to College

YCBK 320: What Are the 35 Next Hardest Colleges to Get Into, Plus MEFA Interview, 3 of 3

Introduction :

  • We got such great feedback from last Monday’s episode on the 75 hardest colleges to get into, so Mark decided to share the next 35 hardest colleges to get into. These 35 are comprised of the 25 hardest private colleges to get into and the 10 hardest public colleges to get admitted to.
  • We conclude with the final part of the three-part interview with Jonathan Hughes and Julie Shields-Rutyna from MEFA about paying for college


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