Interview 152: Matt Bonser on "Understanding Demonstrated Interest and Predictive Modeling"
YCBK 355: Admitting the top 10 percent, for geographical diversity

YCBK 354: 10 Questions to Test Whether You Should Apply Early Decision

Introduction :

  • When do you apply Early Decision-10 Questions to ask yourself
  • Lynda interviews, Ben Neely of Revolution Prep, Understanding the new Digital SAT, Part 2

Preview of Part 2 :

  • Ben shares what is the best way for a student to study for the new digital SAT
  • Ben shares the biggest content change on the new test
  • Ben answers the question, should students prep with the current paper and pencil test
  • Ben explains how accommodations are going to work for the new Digital test
  • Ben explains whether the test is offered at testing centers or only at educational institutions
  • Ben gives advice about whether juniors should take the paper SAT by December or just start prepping for the Digital Test now
  • Ben answers the question, are schools going to SuperScore the SAT score between the paper and pencil test for one section and the Digital test for another section


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