YCBK 354: 10 Questions to Test Whether You Should Apply Early Decision
YCBK 355: Admitting the top 10 percent, for geographical diversity [Transcript]

YCBK 355: Admitting the top 10 percent, for geographical diversity

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (17:09): Mark and Dave discuss an article that appeared in Inside Higher Ed on August 2nd, 2023 by Doug Lederman entitled, “Admitting the top 10 percent, for geographical diversity” (Length 28 minutes)

This week’s question (45:00): Mark and Julia answer a question from an anonymous listener who wants to know what is the role of the parent in the college admission process.

(Length 33 minutes)

This week’s interview (1:18:25): We start a brand new interview and it is the longest interview we have ever had on YCBK, well over 2 hours. Mark and Julia interview Lee Coffin, the Vice Provost of enrollment at Dartmouth College. For the next four weeks, Mark and Julia ask Lee tough questions about the current landscape of college admissions. Each segment is around 20 minutes. For the following three weeks, Lee does College Spotlight on Dartmouth College. Preview of Part 1

  • Lee tells us about his background, going all the way back to when he was in High School
  • Lee answers the question, how is being a Dean in a boarding school different than being a dean in college admissions
  • Lee answers the question, what were the differences being a Dean at Connecticut College, compared to Tufts, compared to at Dartmouth College
  • Lee is asked how would he explain the difference between their ED and RD admit rate
  • Lee talks about how athletic recruiting skews the Early Decision numbers (Length 26 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:28:34): Recommended resource is GPTzero.me is an AI detector to detect the use of ChatGPT

College Spotlight (1:44:22): Lynda and Lisa start a brand-new interview as Lynda recounts her recent visit to the University of San Francisco 2 of 2


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