YCBK 375: Miami University cuts programs Amid Financial Challenges [Transcript]
YCBK 377: Dartmouth College: An interview with Admisson Dean, Lee Coffin

YCBK 376: What parents need to do to prepare their student to be successful in college-Part 1


  • Mark takes 11 college majors to show how colleges often take advantage of what their geographic area is known for. This may be one way to identify possible schools that may be very good at what your student is interested in.
  • How parents can prepare their students for the drastic change from high school to college, an interview with Dr. Andrea Brenner, author of How to College 1 of 4

Dr. Andrea Brenner Interview. Preview of Part 1:

  • Gives unique career path
  • Tells us what the American University experience is
  • Tells us about her book, “How to College and the five card decks she created
  • Andrea talks about her favorite exercise to help students get college ready
  • Dr. Brenner talks about some of the life skills students should have before they go off to college
  • Dr. Brenner talks about the academic skills that students need before they leave home for college
  • Dr. Brenner talks about many ways in which the skill set student need for high school is different than the skill set they need academically for college
  • Dr. Brenner gives some outstanding tips about what students and parents can do to prepare for the adjustment to the freedom of college
  • Dr. Brenner shares one mistake parents make that is well-intentioned but so harmful to preparing students to transition to college


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