YCBK 380: How parents can compare their students to transition successfully to college-Part 3 of 4
YCBK 382: How parents can compare their students to transition successfully to college-Part 4 of 4

YCBK 381: Dartmouth College: An interview with Admission Dean, Lee Coffin-Part 3

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (1:50): Mark and Susan introduce an article entitled, A New Push to Assess “Character in College Admissions” that appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Susan and Mark spend the first 30 minutes talking about a range of admission topics and then they dive in and discuss this July 27th Eric Hoover article. Their whole discussion is over 70 minutes and it will air in two part; this is part 2 and it continues the conversation about the article. A New Push to Assess ‘Character’ in Admissions (Length 20 minutes)

This week’s question (21:36): Mark and Lisa discuss the difference between Rolling admissions and Direct admissions. (Length 22 minutes)

(Length 22 minutes)

This week’s interview (43:50): Mark and Julia interview Lee Coffin about, “Understanding Dartmouth College” 3 of 3. Part 3: The Dartmouth interview is the College Spotlight for the week.

  • We continue with questions that you the listener sent in when we asked you to send in questions for Dartmouth,
  • Julia asks Lee, how does interest in a particular academic interest factor into admission decisions at Dartmouth
  • Lee answers the question, “who is not on your campus that you would like to see more of” and Lee does something that most Deans of admissions and VP’s of enrollment don’t do, he reveals 3 of their institutional priorities that you probably don’t know are priorities for Dartmouth
  • Lee goes on the hotseat and he doesn’t disappoint

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (50:29): Recommended Resource: NEBHE’s Tuition Break, formerly known as the Regional Student Program (RSP), enables thousands of New England residents to enroll at out-of-state New England public colleges and universities at a discounted tuition rate. https://nebhe.org/

College Spotlight : Dartmouth Interview


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