YCBK 381: Dartmouth College: An interview with Admission Dean, Lee Coffin-Part 3
YCBK 383: What to do when you submit an admission application with an error

YCBK 382: How parents can compare their students to transition successfully to college-Part 4 of 4


  • Mark shares which colleges he will not be surprised if they either return to requiring test scores or if they adopt a test recommended official position.
  • How parents can prepare their students for the drastic change from high school to college, an interview with Dr. Andrea Brenner, author of How to College 4 of 4

Dr. Andrea Brenner Interview. Part 4-Preview:

  • Lisa asks Andrea, what are the most important things a parent can do now for their student, so they are prepared.
  • Dr. Brenner talks about the baggage parents have that can weigh them down
  • Lisa puts Dr. Brenner on the hotseat.
  • Dr. Brenner talks about her dissertation on white professors teaching race to people of color.
  • Dr. Brenner talks about talkingcollege.com to access Dr. Brenner’s cards, book or to book her for a speaking engagement.


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