YCBK 385: Students need to think like admissions officers when completing applications [Transcript]
YCBK 387: Six different types of college visits explained

YCBK 386: Mark and Julia discuss and debate essay length and resumes

Introduction :

  • Mark has a health update
  • Mark and Julia, discuss and debate, what is the minimum length a college essay should be?
  • Mark and Julia, discuss and debate, when a student should submit an essay and whether to include a photo
  • Lynda interviews Derek Terrell, Director of Engagement for the Coalition of College on the topic of understanding the Coalition for College, Part 2 of 2

Derek Terrell interview – Part 2:

  • Derek talks about the resources that are built into the Coalition for College for parents.
  • Derek tells us about the benefits to being part of the Coalition for the colleges.
  • Derek talks about what are the biggest barriers colleges face to providing access and equity.
  • Derek gives advice on how students, parents, guardians and college counselors can take advantage of the resources that the Coalition for College offers.
  • Derek goes on the hot seat in our lightning round.


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