Rhodes College (TN)
University of Georgia (GA)

Interview 171: Andy Borst on “Reasons why students are heading to southern universities”

  • Andy shares data on the five states where students are leaving the most and he shares where they are going.
  • Andy shares some of the reasons that determine which colleges students are experiencing a surge in applications.
  • Andy mentions the states where UGA is experiencing the greatest amount of increase in out of state applications.
  • I ask Andy about a number of the reasons I think may have contributed to growth of applications to UGA and the south in general and he tells me whether the things I list are major factors, minor factors, or non-factors.
  • Andy explains why he moved from being the VP of enrollment in Illinois to the University of Georgia
  • Andy and I continue to discuss various reasons why students are headed south for college. I ask Andy about six other reasons people some people believe helps to explain why students are headed south.
  • Andy goes on the hotseat for our lightening round.
  • Andy ends with a profound statement that is sobering and it will make you think.

You can also listen on Episode 406, and Episode 408

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