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Interview 173: Matt Bonser on "Answers to 20 FAQ about Gap Years"

Interview 172: Nora Rosales and Hannah Takasuka on “Opportunities to be a college coach with ScholarMatch”

Nora Rosales and Hannah Takasuka
  • Hannah and Nora introduce themselves and they explain what ScholarMatch is
  • Nora explains how many students and counselors are part of ScholarMatch.
  • Hannah and Nora explain why they joined ScholarMatch
  • Hannah and Nora explain what a day in the life of a college coach looks like.
  • They answer the question, what type of experience is needed to be a college coach with ScholarMatch and what type of education does a coach need to meet the ScholarMatch qualifications.
  • Hannah and Nora explain the training modules that ScholarMatch counselors are expected to go through and what is involved in the training.
  • Nora gives some of the history of where ScholarMatch started, and she shares where the headquarters are located.
  • Nora gives the profile of who a ScholarMatch student is and she defines what they mean by low income
  • Nora explains what is involved in the application for a student to be a ScholarMatch scholar.
  • Nora talks about how they match students to ScholarMatch students.
  • Nora explains where ScholarMatch gets its funding from
  • I ask Hannah and Nora about additional training that is provided, and I ask two tough questions to see where a coach would go if they didn’t know the answer to the tough questions that I pose.
  • Nora and Hannah go into more detail the background and demographics of the college coaches that volunteer for ScholarMatch
  • Hannah and Nora explain why they keep volunteering over and over, and they explain why they find being a college coach with Scholar Match very fulfilling.
  • Hannah and Nora talk about whether a coach is permitted to keep in touch with students after the counseling is over.
  • Hannah discusses how a coach builds rapport with a student virtually.
  • Hannah lets us know if there is any specialized training to help coaches understand the unique challenges First-Gen and under-resourced families face.
  • Hannah and Nora go into more depth about the demographics of the ScholarMatch students from a racial, ethnic and geographic background.
  • Nora and Hannah talk about whether college coaches get training on the University of California application.
  • Hannah shares what are the frustrating parts of the coaching work Opportunities to be a college coach with ScholarMatch
  • Nora talks about what ScholarMatch recommends when a student is non-responsive to outreach from the college coach.
  • Nora talks about where an interested potential coach can go to get more information if this interview doesn’t answer all their questions.
  • Nora shares, when will someone who applies to be a coach, will find out they are accepted as a college coach.
  • I explain why I am making a personal commitment to be a ScholarMatch coach.
  • Nora and Hannah go on the hotseat in the lightning round

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