YCBK 443: What Curriculum Gets Top Marks for Rigor at a Highly-Resourced High School [Transcript]
YCBK 445: The New Tactic Families are Using to Earn Scholarships and Pay Less For College

YCBK 444: Is It Okay if My Student Only Applies To 5 or 6 Colleges

Introduction :

  • Mark shares one missed opportunity when it comes to the college admission journey
  • Lisa and Mark discuss an answer to a question from Kerry from suburban Chicago, she wants to know, in this age of students applying to 20 or so schools, is it okay if my student applies to only five or six schools if the college list is balanced.
  • After 5 years, Colonel Robert Kirkland is back, Lynda interviews Rob on the Service Academies of West Point, the Naval Academy and the Air Force-Part 2 of 4

Part 2 Preview : Part 2-Preview

  • Rob explains the two different ways that congressman tip the scales for who they nominate. Rob calls these the Competitive Process and Principled Process and he explains how each process works
  • Rob explains what a Freedom of Information request is
  • Rob explains what the acronym SAL is and how it helps with Service Academy Admissions
  • Rob answers the question, “Are the Service Academies test optional”?
  • Rob explains how the SAT/ACT scores the Academies are looking for are very different from what scores the average admit has
  • Rob explains the Candidate Score that each applicant gets and he breaks down each factor and how much weight is put on each factor; this detailed breakdown of how applicants is evaluated is amazing and something that you don’t see from competitive schools that do holistic admissions
  • Rob talks about whether the high school you are coming from is factored into admissions
  • Rob talks about the Candidate Fitness Assessment
  • Rob answers the question, “Is Calculus required” for the Service Academies
  • Rob talks about the 10-12 criteria that teachers are asked to use when evaluating a candidate
  • Rob explains the three teacher recs the Service Academies want to receive


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