YCBK 444: Is It Okay if My Student Only Applies To 5 or 6 Colleges
YCBK 444: Is It Okay if My Student Only Applies To 5 or 6 Colleges [Transcript]

YCBK 445: The New Tactic Families are Using to Earn Scholarships and Pay Less For College

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (25:20): Mark and Julia discuss waitlists and then they discuss an article by Jeff Selingo entitled, “The New Trick Families are using to Lower Tuition” Part 1 of 2 (Length 24 minutes)

This week’s question (49:28): Our roundtable is back (Hillary, Susan, Julia, Vince and Mark) and we discuss a question from a listener in Narobi, Kenya about the Common App. The roundtable then discusses the Additional Information Section of the Common App. (Length 15 minutes)

This week’s interview (1:04:43): Mark interviews Matt Carpenter on the topic of, “Understanding College Aid Pro” Part 1 of 2. Preview of Part 1

  • Matt shares his two pieces of advice that he hopes families take away from
  • Matt shares what a Bubble family is, and he shares what a Bubble family needs to do to get a great aid package
  • Matt shares why he is so confident that College Aid Pro’s software is more accurate than the college’s own “net price calculator”
  • Matt shares how their software can be more accurate than the college’s net price calculators
  • Matt talks about how they use actual aid awards in their projections
  • You get two admission vernaculars from us in this interview as Matt and I have a great conversation about preferential packaging and schools that admit/deny (Length 21 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week : N/A

College Spotlight (1:25:46): College Spotlight-Mark interviews Martha Stolze, the Director of Admissions at Beloit College-1 of 3


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