There are two giving levels, at which you will receive benefits in return.

$5-9/month or $60/total gifts a year-Sustainer Gift Level:

  • We will recognize your support on our website
  • You’ll receive an invitation to participate in a private group video college admissions session every January
  • And we will mail you two beautiful Your College-Bound Kid notebooks – one for you and one for your student

$10 or more/month or $120/total gifts a year-Enhancer Gift Level:

You will get all of the benefits of the Sustainer Plan in addition to,

  • A 30-minute private one-on-one video coaching session with Mark on any college admissions topic that you would like to cover
  • An opportunity for a 100-word shout-out to any student you want to recognize; it could be your own child, or if you are a counselor or supporter of the show, it can be any student you believe is worthy of recognition for their hard work

Note: You can give more than $10/month or less than $5/month if you feel so inclined. We are grateful for whatever you can give to support the podcast.