Our Team

Mark Stucker

Co-host and Producer

Mark Stucker (mark@schoolmatch4u.com) has 20 years of full-time experience in college and boarding school admissions, and in college counseling. He’s worked with private day, boarding, charter and public school students, as well as private clients. He is extremely passionate about finding the right college for every student and ensuring that the college selected is affordable for the family.

Career Highlights

  • Worked at the Phillips School doing college admission, 1991
  • College counseling for students at the Westtown School, 2001 – 2009
  • Associate Director of Admissions at Westtown School, 2002 – 2009
  • Chair of admissions committee at Westtown School for five years, 2004 - 2009
  • KIPP Metro Atlanta high school and college placement counselor, 2009 - present
  • Oversees the college counseling program for four schools by serving as the Director of College Counseling for Alumni at KIPP Metro Atlanta. Will place about 70 kids in college in this role 2019
  • Founded college placement educational consulting company, School Match 4U, 2010
  • Currently serves as a Go To College NYC board member
  • Traveled nationally/ internationally to recruit students at fairs, through school visits, and receptions.
  • Worked with well over 1500 students through either college and boarding school admissions, high school placement, college admissions, or college placement
  • Currently assisting students and parents with the college placement process from 12 different states through video conferencing
  • Member of Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) also SACAC and NACAC member
  • Graduate of the Harvard Summer Institute for College Admissions and the Stanford Counselor outreach certificate program
  • Married for 29 years, we are parents of two, our oldest is a Davidson College grad and our youngest is a junior at the University of Georgia
Dave Williams


Dr Dave Williams (drdaveewilliams@gmail.com) is a practicing ER physician licensed in 13 states who attended Princeton University and Harvard Medical School, completed a research fellowship at UCLA and his Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Chicago, and obtained his MBA from Northwestern. Parent of a current Yale undergraduate, he is also an entrepreneur who never passes up the opportunity to teach.

Dr Lisa Rouff


Lisa Rouff, Ph.D. (lisa@schoolmatch4u.com), is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of practice in the Chicagoland area, and recently relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, and her Ph.D. from Northwestern University. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Lisa has experience in helping teens and young adults recognize their strengths and overcome their anxieties. Working with students to reduce their test and performance anxiety, and to increase their executive functioning skills, Lisa has helped students achieve increased success in school and extracurricular activities. Lisa is also knowledgeable about the mental health issues facing teens and young adults, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and learning differences, and brings this experience to her college coaching work. Lisa has also helped parents negotiate the school system to obtain the help that their child needs.

In addition to her psychology background, Lisa also has expertise in college coaching. She completed the independent educational consultant certification program at the University of California-Irvine, and is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). She is volunteer mentor and college coach for several first-generation college students for College Bound Opportunities and ScholarMatch. Lisa loves college visits, and before the pandemic hit, has visited many college campuses throughout the USA. In addition, as the mother of three children, ranging from elementary to college age, Lisa has inside experience with the joys and stressors of the college application process. When she’s not working, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and taking care of her embarrassing number of pets.

Mark is very excited to have Lisa as a college coach at School Match 4U. Lisa and Mark co-counseled with almost 50 students in 2020. Lisa really brings a lot to the School Match 4U team. Clients really like her personality and find her very easy to work with. Her expertise in helping students work through the mental barriers that keep them from achieving their peak performance is invaluable. I am referring to things like perfectionism, test anxiety and overall anxiety, depression, organizational challenges/executive functioning and learning differences. Lisa is also an ardent student and she has amassed a lot of knowledge about colleges. There are also some young ladies that will thrive more with a female college coach. It is extremely rare to find someone who has the combination of Lisa’s expertise when it comes to implementing effective mental health strategies coupled with her knowledge about college. Dr. Rouff has a very level of integrity. She is extremely bright and well educated but she is unassuming. In a lot of ways, Lisa is the epidtome of "Midwestern nice". The following link will take you to an interview Mark did with Lisa on "Seven mental barriers that keep students from achieving their peak performance".

Lisa appeared on four episodes of the Your College-Bound Kid podcast in 2020 and the listener feedback was very positive. In 2021 Lisa joined the Your College-Bound Kid podcast team as one of the co-hosts. She will alternate with Anika and partner with Mark by answering questions that listeners send in. Lisa will also do some College Spotlights about colleges where she has expertise. You can listen to the “Your College-Bound Kid” podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher or where ever you listen to podcasts. There is also some unique content that can only be found at: https://yourcollegeboundkid.com/.

Sylvia Borgo

Substitute co-host

Sylvia Borgo is a California-based independent educational consultant with over 24 years of educational experience. She received her BA from UCLA and her certificate in Independent Educational Counseling from the University of California, Irvine.

Sylvia helps students and families navigate the college search and application process and helps them find colleges that are good academic, social, and financial fits. In addition to her private practice, she volunteers with first-gen, underserved students to help them access their higher education goals. Having visited six continents and 48 countries, she is passionate about instilling a sense of discovery and a curiosity for exploring the world.

She loves spending time with her family, walking the dog, hitting the gym, going to music concerts, and reading.

Anika Madden

Substitute co-host

Anika Madden is a donor relations professional, writer/blogger, and mom of 3 kids age 25, 20, and 13. Having gone through the college process with her oldest (and still going) she is well aware of the frustrations, workload and importance in getting our kids to and through college. Her passion behind the podcast lies in seeing too many kids that are not able to finish college or having to take unwanted breaks simply because of their family’s wide-ranging gaps of knowledge in the process. After serving as the co-founder and primary co-host through the first 171 episodes, Anika will occasionally substitute for Dave or Lisa.

Kevin Newton

Expert in International Admissions

Kevin Newton is the founder of An Education Abroad, an Independent Educational Consultancy which focuses on helping American students find degree options around the world. Since quite literally the week he returned from his own degree abroad, Kevin has helped students save time and money by getting a degree abroad, all while opening unbelievable professional and personal opportunities.

Kevin studied History and Middle Eastern Studies at the College of William & Mary, and has a Masters degree in Islamic and Chinese law from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. He has been widely published on both the geopolitics of the Eastern Hemisphere as well as Islamic finance.

His love of global education, as well as a working knowledge of a half dozen languages, have helped him place students in both undergraduate and graduate programs as varied as the University of Edinburgh, Oxford, HEC Paris, Tsinghua University (in Beijing) and more. Additionally, Kevin has spent time as a classroom teacher, where he taught Roman and medieval history to middle school students.

When he's not helping his students negotiate international admissions, Kevin enjoys waking up at 4 am to smoke the perfect pulled pork and visiting art museums with his wife/business partner.

Mark and Lisa focus on colleges that are located in the US and Canada, but Mark was looking to partner with a firm that specializes in International admissions. We are elated to partner with Kevin. After talking with Kevin at length over multiple meetings over multiple months, and after talking with those who have worked with Kevin, we could not be happier to recommend Kevin to any of our clients who want to attend a college outside of the United States or Canada.

Kevin possesses the highest level of integrity; he cares about the students he works with and he is an outstanding communicator. He is also a student of colleges. He is always studying and learning so he can serve his families with maximal effectiveness.

There are some students who want to look at schools in the US and Canada and abroad, and Mark and Kevin will co-counsel in these instances. Kevin is also a member of the Southern Association for College Admissions Counseling.


Dimitriou Stylianos handles all of our web needs. He is a web developer since 2006 and has worked on several websites and web applications. He designed our website and he does edits, updates and any trouble shooting that we need. We strongly recommend him if you are looking for a webmaster. Stylianos can be reached via email at contact@salmus.net.

Kimberly Blas

Product Marketing and Design

Kimberly Blas. I am a designer, a creative, and a thinker. My skills range from print design, to designing website mockups, to creating multimedia eLearning presentations, to social media marketing. I am a quick learner, team player, and have great communication skills. I am intrigued with all things design and love taking on new projects that help me grow as a designer. I design all things to be innovative, personal, and conceptual. Kimberly designed our notebooks, our stationary, our pens our E-book and all of our other materials. Kimberly has also done a lot of work for Mark and his company, School Match 4U. If you are in need of a creative and talented designer, Kimberly can be reached at kimberlyblas@hotmail.com.

Talha Ahmad

Image Editor

Talha Ahmad. I am a Graphics Designer with over 5 years of professional experience. I mostly focus on designing Social Media Marketing content, Web and Mobile Apps UI/UX designing. Talha takes all of our individual artwork for every episode and he resizes it and puts the captions on the artwork. He does the same thing for all of the authors who write the articles we discuss. Talha’s other weekly project is to resize the images and to put the titles on the photos of our interviewees. If you are in need of an image editor, we recommend Talha without any reservation. Talha can be reached at Talhaahmadkhan@gmail.com.

Nemanja Matovic

Sound Engineer

Nemanja Matovic, is unquestionably the best sound engineer we have hired. Nemanja does the post-production of our podcast. If you need any services in audio editing, mixing or mastering you can get it touch with him at: nemanjamatovic29@gmail.com or info@podcastvolume.com. We also encourage you to check out his website: https://www.podcastvolume.com/.