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Interview 12: Cliff Thornton on “Holistic Admissions”

Cliff Thornton
Cliff Thornton is the Associate Director of Admission at Wesleyan University. Cliff is a legend in the world of college admissions. In this interivew Cliff discusses the common mistakes that students make in their course selection that impact their college options at selective colleges. Cliff discusses what mindset students should have with their course selection. He discusses what his expectations are in Math, Science, English, History and Foreign Language. He shares whether the major a student declares impacts the expectations for course rigor. Mr. Thornton next shares how a student should determine whether their curriculum is too rigorous. Cliff has been at Wesleyan for three decades and he draws off his considerable experience as he discusses these questions and several others. He also draws an important distinction between how liberal colleges interpret rigor, vs how universities with specific schools interpret rigor. (21:15)

You can also listen on Episode 30

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