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Interview 17: Chika Nwosu on “My College Admission Process”


This is the first of three parts, but Chika will return in seven months to let us know where she is going to college and why she selected the school she selected.

Chika -Nwosu
Finally, she will return at the end of her freshman year of college to tell us about her freshman year experience. In this interview, Chika introduces herself. She tells us about her family and she tells us about her school. She explains the various roles that she has in her school and she let’s us know what she is involved in outside of school. Chika discusses what she wants to do with her life. She talks about what she is looking for in a college and she shares which schools she has decided that she will be applying to. The interview series with Chika has spawned some of our best responses from our listeners. (Length 1:22:15)

You can also listen on Episode 38

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