Interview 21: Ashley Sempowski on “Understanding Community Colleges”


Ashley Sempowski is the Assistant Director for Recruitment and Outreach for Springfield College, and and our topic today is, what you need to know about community colleges.

Ashley Sempowski
1. Why do you recruit from community colleges?
2. What are reasons that make sense for a student to go to a community college?
3. When a student comes to your college from a community college, is it held against them by peers, professors, career center, etc.?
4. Can you explain to us what an articulation agreement is?
5. How can a family evaluate whether an articulation agreement is any good?
6. What has your experience been with credits transferring for credit toward fulfilling your department requirements and how can a student find out whether their credits will transfer and count as credit in their major?
7. How do you evaluate the application of a student that comes from a community college? (Length 33:21)

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