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Interview 24: Rick Clark on “Understanding Georgia Tech”

Rick Clark
Rick Clark is the Director of Undergraduate admissions at Georgia Tech. Our topic today is, “Understanding Georgia Tech”.
1. Rick, give us your three minute overview of Georgia Tech
2. What has changed at Georgia Tech since you arrived and what changes do you envision over the next 10-15 years?
3. What are the Institutional priorities at Georgia Tech
4. I’ve observed an increased emphasis on entrepreneurship at Tech, can you share how you have incorporated this into your curriculum?
5. Another thing that I’ve learned about Georgia Tech is that you really want more students in the liberal arts and you have some very strong programs, can you shed any light on this?
6. What are the stereotypes about Georgia Tech and which ones do you feel are true and which ones are not true?
7. Describe a student that really excels at Georgia Tech (Length 20:19)

You can also listen on Episode 51

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