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Interview 28: Anne Jean on “How to Know you are on the right career”

Anne Jean
Anne Jean is a senior at Georgia State. our topic today is, ‘How to know if you are on the right career path”. Anne, talk about how the clubs you joined in high school helped you? Talk about when you knew you wanted to be a dentist? Can you share how the courses you took in high school helped confirm you wanted to be a dentist? Did you do anything else in high school that helped confirm that being a dentist was the path for you? Talk about the books you read to prepare you to excel in college? Talk about the club you joined at Georgia State and how it has helped you. How did you use shadow days to confirm your path? Can you share how your unpaid internship led to other opportunities? Let’s talk about how community service has been beneficial to you? What have you learned from all the dentists you have been around? (Length 46:12)

You can also listen on Episode 63 and Episode 64

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