YCBK 69: What You Need to Know about College Interviews
YCBK 70: How to Handle a Weakness in Your Admissions Application [Transcript]

Interview 30: Yancie Davis on “Non-Cognitive Variables”

Yancie Davis
Yancie shares his background. What is the history and research of non-cognitive variables and admissions? How are you able to discern if someone has a positive self-concept and why is this important?realistic self-concept, why it is important in an admission evaluation? “Understands and knows how to handle the system”, What is this? How do you assess, “prefers long-range to short term or immediate needs? Talk about how you have used these variables to train new admission officers? Availability of or Ability to Identify Strong Support Person/Network, why is this important? Successful Leadership experiences-What are you looking for here? What does demonstrated community service tell you about an applicant? Nontraditional knowledge acquired, can you give some examples of this and let us know what this tells you about a student? Why not focus like “grit and optimism”? (Length 54:31)

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