Interview 50: Carmen Chavez on “Reflections on my college admission process”


Carmen’s Chavez is a current senior from Miami Florida that I had the pleasure of working with for the last 18 months. Carmen begins by sharing her upbringing and background. Next Carmen shares what extracurricular activities she was involved in during high school. Carmen shares what she was looking for in a school.

Carmen Chavez
Carmen lets us know where she applied and whether she was admitted and where she was wait listed. Carmen reflects on what she would do differently if she had to do a search all over again.Carmen talks about something that so impressed me that it made me say, Carmen, can I interview you about this. Carmen gives her best advice to students, parents and college counselors about the college admissions process. Finally, I put Carmen on the hot seat and ask her a few non- college related questions. We wish Carmen well as she is off to Duke to study public policy in the fall. (Length 47:14)

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